Free Spiru-tein Shaker Cup

Description: The Spiru-tein Shaker Cup allows you to measure, mix, and drink your favorite high protein energy meals all in one easy to use cup.
Review: Like most guys I like things to be really simple. I may like to have multiple tools in my belt but when I am in the kitchen the less things I have to clean the better. That’s why I enjoy my shaker cup. It combines a measuring cup and mixer in a full size cup that I can use chug my favorite drink out of after I am done cooking. Some times I even use it as a make shift bowl and I have no trouble reaching the bottom of the cup with a fork or spoon since it has a wide mouth opening. And the best part, no more stacks of dishes and cups, I just add a little soap if needed and rinse it out with hot water to clean. Easy!

If you have tried the Spiru-tein Shaker Cup feel free to post your own review below.

Limit one per household. U.S Residents ONLY.