Hello world!

Or hello again I should say. Some of you will come to find this site very familiar as you have been with me since my days at jdonline.us running a blog called The Best Things in Life: Free. For those of you who are new, Welcome. The Ultimate Freeloader’s Guide offers the best in free samples, contests with the best prizes, tips and even some of the best ways to work at home or make a little extra cash on the side. Sure you can find most all things I post here on other sites but instead of having to weed through what is good and what is legit you can come to one place. Another difference is that many sites list things once and forget about them moving quickly onto the next. I however will let you know when I have received a freebie in the mail, won a contest, or made some extra cash from the very same content that I bring you. When I can, I will also start posting a photo gallery of freebies and prizes I receive for further proof of how this site can turn you into the ultimate freeloader and help you live the best life possible. For more information about this site, please check out the About page.