Ann Taylor Loft’s Caribbean Beach House Getaway Sweepstakes

I’ve had enough of this winter season but Mother Nature doesn’t seem to agree. One minute it’s hot and sunny, the next it is cold and rainy. Get started early on your summer festivities with Ann Taylor Loft’s Caribbean Beach House Getaway Sweepstakes.
Timing: Contest runs from now until June 1, 2008
Official Rules: Open to United States & the District of Columbia residents 18 years and older.
Grand prize: (1 winner) A Trip for four (4) to the Caribbean and one (1) $1,000 Ann Taylor LOFT gift card. Trip package includes roundtrip coach-class air transportation for four (4) from a major airport near winner’s home to St. John Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands; seven (7) nights accommodations at a Beach House; grocery supplies stocked prior to arrival; and a rental car for length of stay. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $13,825
Second Prize: (20 winners) $100 Ann Taylor LOFT gift card

Circuit City – GTA IV Package Sweepstakes

We’ve had HD entertainment system sweepstakes before and many more will be posted before February 17,2009 but this one takes the cake because the highly anticipated game Grand Theft Auto IV is included in the prize package. I almost didn’t share, so that I would have a better chance of winning, but I guess I’ll be nice this once. Come on Karma!
Timing: Contest runs from now until May 3, 2008
Official Rules: Open to United States residents except Puerto Rico, sorry, 18 years and older.
Prizes: Sony 26″ Bravia S-Series LCD TV, 40GB PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system, Grand Theft Auto IV for PLAYSTATION 3, a PLAYSTATION 3 wireless controller (Total ARV: $1,259.96)

Free 5-Hour Energy Drink

Some days I feel like I’ve ran out of energy before the day has even started. Other days, I wish I had a bit more energy to get through the rest of the day. Energy drinks work for some, coffee for others, but I tend to never feel the affects that others feel. tiny, 5-hour energy drink is a shot-sized drink loaded with stuff that’s good for you like B-vitamins and amino acids and it doesn’t need refrigeration. The site claims that it gives an elevated sense of energy, focus and alertness for about five hours with out causing you to crash and feeling worse later.

The site asks for a Fitness Pro ID# but I was able to submit the form with out it.

Review: If you have tried the 5-hour energy drink feel free to post a review below.

Limit one permitted per customer.

Contest Entry Tips

So how do some people seem to win every single contest they enter? Is there some kind of secret to it? We here at UFG have a few tips to get you started.

  • Enter as many times & as often as possible. Most people only enter once and & forget it. Take advantage of this & you’ll be winning in no time.
  • Enter contests that take some thought like photo, video and essay contests. Less people take the time to enter these so if you are creative & sometimes even if you’re not, these could be your best bet.
  • Read the Official Rules. It contains valuable information that can help you win. It also lets you know who can enter and how often.
  • Enter as many contests as you can. UFG only posts the best contest with the best prizes, however we list our sources in our links section so that you can increase your chances to win. Do be careful in which contests you enter, on occasion you may run into false contests attempting to collect your information. Many sites allow for user comments & ratings to help you avoid these kind of sites.
  • Use a separate, free email address such as Yahoo or Gmail to help separate the emails you get from personal ones. On occasion some sites will do more then just notify you of being a winner and send you newsletters. Having a separate email address will make it easier on you to be notified of being a winner.
  • When you win a contest and receive your prizes, write a thank you letter to the company & let them know you have received your prize. This will let them know you appreciate them holding the contest and will encourage them to hold more in the future.
  • The contest giver has to make money some how. Check out their main site and see if there is any thing else there that might interest you. Buy a product or click an ad that you like to show your support.

These are only a few tips that can help you win more contests. Do you have any tips of your own?

E! Entertainment/Sunny Delight: Hollywood At Home Sweepstakes

E! Entertainment & Sunny Delight want to get you ready for digital switch on February 17, 2009 by giving you a swag of HD goods including a plasma tv and a Sony Blu-Ray HD DVD player. Enter this sweepstakes today and could enjoy Hollywood At Home.

Timing: Contest runs from now until May 16, 2008
Official Rules: Open to United States & District of Columbia residents 18 years and older.

Grand Prize: (1 winner) An electronics prize package consisting of a LG 42” Plasma television, a Sony Blu-Ray HD Disc player, five (5) Blu-Ray movies selected by Sponsors and two (2) Sunny D coupons, which winners can redeem for any size of Sunny D product. Approximate Retail Value (”ARV”): $1,564.93.

First Prize: (5 winners) Five Blu-Ray movies selected by Sponsors and one Sunny D coupon, which winners can redeem for any size of Sunny D product. Approximate Retail Value (”ARV”): $163.95.

WoW TCG Contest Results

With over 30,000 entrants and many of whom submitted multiple sub entries, the results are in.

Here are the top three submissions, along with their authors:

Overlord Saurfang is only afraid of one thing… Mrs. Saurfang. – Minh Huynh

Naked they run, level 1 banks: Clark Kents of Azeroth. – Sam Kautzmann

The gunshot echoed like a ghost with nobody to haunt. – Dan Kaufman

Minh, Sam, and Dan each have been notified by email letting them know they have won the contest.

For more information on the contest results along with who the second prize winners are, please visit

Free VCF Contraceptive Film

OK ladies, I know, the only freebies you ever get are deodorants, shampoos, and those pads that make you feel like you are wearing a diaper. But never fear, the VCF Contraceptive Film is here. I know you feel like its the guys responsibility to wear the protection but why can’t you step up on occasion and let us be free for once? Try it on for size and see your man light up when you tell him he doesn’t have to wrap up.

Review: If you have tried VCF Contraceptive Film feel free to post an age appropriate review below.

Limit one permitted per customer.

Free Kashi Mountain Medley Granola

It looks as if I wont run out of things to eat for breakfast any time soon. Kashi has once again announced their latest freebie: offer Kashi Mountain Medley Granola. Kashi Mountain Medley contains 7 whole grains, 6 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fiber to help you feel better and give you more energy.

Review: If you have tried Kashi’s Mountain Medley feel free to post a review below.

Limit one permitted per customer.

WoW TCG Contest Update

Many of you have been coming to me for an update on Penny Arcade’s WoW TCG contest that ran from April 4-10. You are in luck because Tycho has been keeping us posted on their progress.

Just 3 days into the contest, over 16,000 entries had been submitted and 4 days after the contest has ended they are overwhelmed by the response and are still judging entries. I imagine it will take them a few more days until they get through all the entries and come up with a winner but you can be sure that once they have made the big announcement you can find the results here.

Free Dunkin’ Donuts on Tax Day

Come celebrate the end of the tax season on Tuesday April 15, 2008 with a free donut from Dunkin Donuts when you purchase any size hot coffee. Find a store near you and if you haven’t filed your taxes yet (what are you wating for?) you only have 2 days left!

Limit one free donut per person per visit.