Contest Entry Tips

So how do some people seem to win every single contest they enter? Is there some kind of secret to it? We here at UFG have a few tips to get you started.

  • Enter as many times & as often as possible. Most people only enter once and & forget it. Take advantage of this & you’ll be winning in no time.
  • Enter contests that take some thought like photo, video and essay contests. Less people take the time to enter these so if you are creative & sometimes even if you’re not, these could be your best bet.
  • Read the Official Rules. It contains valuable information that can help you win. It also lets you know who can enter and how often.
  • Enter as many contests as you can. UFG only posts the best contest with the best prizes, however we list our sources in our links section so that you can increase your chances to win. Do be careful in which contests you enter, on occasion you may run into false contests attempting to collect your information. Many sites allow for user comments & ratings to help you avoid these kind of sites.
  • Use a separate, free email address such as Yahoo or Gmail to help separate the emails you get from personal ones. On occasion some sites will do more then just notify you of being a winner and send you newsletters. Having a separate email address will make it easier on you to be notified of being a winner.
  • When you win a contest and receive your prizes, write a thank you letter to the company & let them know you have received your prize. This will let them know you appreciate them holding the contest and will encourage them to hold more in the future.
  • The contest giver has to make money some how. Check out their main site and see if there is any thing else there that might interest you. Buy a product or click an ad that you like to show your support.

These are only a few tips that can help you win more contests. Do you have any tips of your own?