IWYS Sponsored Contests/Deals 2011 (wk 5)

It’s just a few days away from our own day on I Wear Your Shirt and I have the list of exclusive contests and deals for week 5 below.

Burger Junkies: The burger is an all American favorite. I love mine thick, juicy, and loaded with toppings. Simply enough, Burger Junkies is a blog that reviews burgers, answers your favorite burger questions, and shares photos that are sure to give you a burgasm. Burger Junkies is giving out a ton of prizes today, so check them out!

SMWorkshop.com: Biztegra is a Social Web agency that uses workshops to help create social media programs for businesses. Biztegra is offering 15% off their Social Media Strategy Workshops and will include a free t-shirt.

Slowboy Racing: Slowboy will help you find all of the automotive parts you need at a discounted price. If you like Slowboy Racing on Facebook and leave a comment on their wall with your favorite car you could win a $50 Amazon.com gift card or be one of two people to win a Slowboy Racing gift card. Pretty awesome!

Pongo Resume: Pongo can help you perfect your resume, write your cover letter, and crush it in the interview. Follow @AskPongo on Twitter with your best resume tip and you could win one of 20 t-shirts.

Ultimate Freeloader: Hey that’s us! Like UltimateFreeloader on Facebook with a comment about a creative way to do something special for your sweetie on Valentines Day with out spending a lot of money. One person will be selected to win an Amazon.com gift card and a UltimateFreeloader.com t-shirt, two others will win a t-shirt.

Monthly Sponsor:
Furnish123: Furnish123 is an amazing new way to own affordable, quality furniture. Each category of furniture has one single discounted price so you can concentrate on making your room look like you want with out worrying about cost. Win a $400 Gift Card to your nearest F123 store by following @furnish123store on Twitter and tweeting this tweet: http://iwys.co/F123tweet You can win also win a $1000 gift card by creating a YouTube video of your current furniture, why you need new furniture AND what furniture you would spend your money on. Then post a link to the video on the Furnish123 Facebook page by Feb 28 at 9pm.

There will be more contests and deals later this week so stay tuned!

Free Bath & Body Works Candle

Free Sample from Bath & Body WorksThis weekend only, you can get a free Bath & Body Works Candle online or in store. The ad states the offer is good for any 1.6 oz. candle but I was able to get it to work only for the Pink Sangria or Island Colada scents. If you live near a Bath & Body Works, I recommend picking up the candle in store or order an additional item online as you’ll still be charged shipping and handling.

Free Redbox Movie Code 1/27/2011

This code has expired.
Redbox hasn’t given out many public codes for free movies since 2009 but during the cold opening of tonight’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy & Guillermo showed how easy it is to use a Redbox to rent movies and provided a the one time use code: “MOVIENIGHT” for a free one day rental on January 27, 2011.

Other ways to obtain Redbox codes:

  • Follow Redbox on Twitter: On occasion Redbox will tweet out codes good for that day only.
  • Sign up for text alerts: Link your cell phone to your Redbox account and receive free Redbox codes via SMS. Be sure to select the box for Movie Monday Alerts.
  • Reserve Online: For a limited time, users who register on Redbox.com and reserve a movie online for the first time will receive a free Redbox movie code in their email once the movie has been returned to the kiosk.

Free Febreze NOTICEables

If you have pets or kids that act like animals, then your house probably doen’t smell its best at times. You could try spays but they only mask the smell. Febreze Noticeables completely eliminate oders with pleasant fragrances you’ll notice all day.

To get your Free Febreze Noticeables:
1. Purchese a new Febrfeze Noticeables in-store
2. Send in your receipt, UPC code, and Rebate Form (PDF)
3. Recieve a check for $3.50

They could have made it easier by just offering a coupon but they are counting on you to not requesting a rebate.

Free BreatheRight Strips Sample

I think one of the worst parts of having a cold is being unable to breathe due to nasal congestion and that it seems to get worse when you’re trying to fall asleep.

This free sample of BreatheRight Strips should come in handy for anyone still trying to get over a cold. I can attest to the fact that they’ll help you get a much better night of sleep .

If you live in Canada, there’s a special link for you to get your own BreatheRight Strips.

Free 10 Month WSJ Newspaper Subscription

RewardsGold has offered a lot of quality subscriptions over the years but I think this free 10 month Wall Street Journal newspaper subscription is one of the best. To receive your subscription, just recommend 3 friends to RewardsGold (3 of your own email addresses work), fill out 3 surveys (be creative), and wait patiently for your first issue to arrive.

Bonus Deal: There’s no doubt the Wall Street Journal is packed with useful business information, the latest tech, and interesting news from around the world but taking all 60 pages with you to read is quite a pain. If you have a kindle enabled device, you can subscribe to the Wall Street Journal [1. Affiliate Link] for 71% off the cover price or buy each individual issue for 50% off.

Free Bridal Guide Magazine Subscription

Free One-Year Bridal Guide Magazine Subscription

With the average wedding in 2011 expected to cost between $25,000-$28,000, many couples are looking for ways to save money on the big day.

One way couples can save money is by doing a bit of research online, talking to friends that have gotten married before, or getting a free one-year subscription to Bridal Guide Magazine.

Bonus Deal: If you enjoy the magazine, Amazon.com is offering 66% off a one year subscription to Bridal Guide Magazine [1. Affiliate Link]. This offer is for new and current subscribers.

Free Sample of DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks

I, like many americans, don’t floss as often as I should. We are either in too much of a hurry, think that daily flossing isn’t nessisary, or that it’s too bothersome to do it at all. This free sample of DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks (could they make it’s name any longer?) makes flossing every day quick and easy. This particular brand of floss picks also come with a tongue scraper that freshens your breath and a textured pick that removes food.

Bonus Coupon:
Save $1 on DenTek Floss Picks. Printing this coupon requires the installation of a small java applet by SmartSource which is safe to use. If asked, please select Run when prompted with ‘Do you want to run the application?’.

My own review of DenTek Floss Picks will be up shortly after I recieve the sample.

Free GoodNites Underwear

Free Sample of Good Nights Underwear GoodNights has been around since 1994 making it easier for children to get a good nights sleep even with bed wetting.

I feel like doing ‘The Potty Dance’ because this free sample of GoodNight’s Underwear has new graphics, greater protection and comfort, and look and feel more like real underwear making them less noticable and protects your childs self-esteem. I think that’s pretty cool!

If you’re a parent who’s children wear GoodNight’s brand underwear, please leave a comment below with a review.

Free NeilMed NasaFlo Netti Pot

Free NetipotIf you have sinus problems, taking medicine and avoiding allergens may not be enough.

Netti Pot’s are said to provide natural relief from allergies, common cold, and other sinus and nasal problems. To receive a free NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot follow the directions below:

1) Like NeilMed Netti Pot on Facebook!
2) Go to the FREE Netti Pot Tab and click on the link that says “Click here….”
3) Fill out the survey in entirety and you will get a confirmation e-mail almost immediately! Answers provided below.

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