IWYS Sponsored Contests/Deals 2011 (wk 5)

It’s just a few days away from our own day on I Wear Your Shirt and I have the list of exclusive contests and deals for week 5 below.

Burger Junkies: The burger is an all American favorite. I love mine thick, juicy, and loaded with toppings. Simply enough, Burger Junkies is a blog that reviews burgers, answers your favorite burger questions, and shares photos that are sure to give you a burgasm. Burger Junkies is giving out a ton of prizes today, so check them out!

SMWorkshop.com: Biztegra is a Social Web agency that uses workshops to help create social media programs for businesses. Biztegra is offering 15% off their Social Media Strategy Workshops and will include a free t-shirt.

Slowboy Racing: Slowboy will help you find all of the automotive parts you need at a discounted price. If you like Slowboy Racing on Facebook and leave a comment on their wall with your favorite car you could win a $50 Amazon.com gift card or be one of two people to win a Slowboy Racing gift card. Pretty awesome!

Pongo Resume: Pongo can help you perfect your resume, write your cover letter, and crush it in the interview. Follow @AskPongo on Twitter with your best resume tip and you could win one of 20 t-shirts.

Ultimate Freeloader: Hey that’s us! Like UltimateFreeloader on Facebook with a comment about a creative way to do something special for your sweetie on Valentines Day with out spending a lot of money. One person will be selected to win an Amazon.com gift card and a UltimateFreeloader.com t-shirt, two others will win a t-shirt.

Monthly Sponsor:
Furnish123: Furnish123 is an amazing new way to own affordable, quality furniture. Each category of furniture has one single discounted price so you can concentrate on making your room look like you want with out worrying about cost. Win a $400 Gift Card to your nearest F123 store by following @furnish123store on Twitter and tweeting this tweet: http://iwys.co/F123tweet You can win also win a $1000 gift card by creating a YouTube video of your current furniture, why you need new furniture AND what furniture you would spend your money on. Then post a link to the video on the Furnish123 Facebook page by Feb 28 at 9pm.

There will be more contests and deals later this week so stay tuned!