Redbox 3 for $1 (Groupon Deal)

As of today, Groupon has helped people save over $1,309,779,516. Their success is due to all the great deals people can really use. One of their most popular is the 3 for $1 Redbox coupon. This deal is back and good from today until 11:59p Tuesday, March 1.

Which movie rental service do you prefer? Redbox, Blockbuster, or Netflix?

Free Miracle Whip Dressing

Growing up, my parents would always buy Miracle Whip to make everything from deviled eggs to sandwiches. It wasn’t until I moved out that I discovered I also liked the flavour of real mayonnaise. Kraft is giving you a chance to voice your opinion. Which do you prefer, Miracle Whip or Mayonnnaise? To help you decide, you can request a free sample of Kraft Miracle Whip Dressing.

Free Atkins Weight Loss Kit

It can be rough committing to a weight loss plan. If you choose off the shelf supplements or meal replacement snacks then you’re pretty much on your own. Atkins has created an online community to help you stay on track and will send you a free Atkins weight-loss kit and 3 free Atkins bars just for signing up.

What have you had trouble committing to or developing a habit for? Do you have any tips to help others?

Free Redbox Code 2/24

This Thursday, February 24 when you’re out stocking your pantry for National Tortilla Chip Day be sure to stop by your local Redbox and pick up a free movie. Before you head out, just ‘like’ the Redbox Facebook page and click the Freebie tab to get your code.

What snacks do you enjoy when watching a movie? I love eating nachos with salsa and hot peppers. If I don’t have any nacho cheese, I simply sprinkle on a thick layer of shredded cheese and nuke it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Free Playtex Sport Tampon Sample

Free Sample of Playtex Sport TamponsI’ve learned quite a few things from reading Wikipedia. The tampon for instance has been around since ancient times and it was the Egyptians who first made them disposable. The free sample of Playtex Sport Tampons you request includes 2 regular unscented, 1 super unscented, and a coupon for $1.00 off!

What is the most interesting thing you have learned from reading Wikipedia?

Free TENA Super Plus Underwear

Free Sample from Walmart.comI’m back and so is the free sample of Tena Super Plus Underwear. Last time I mentioned you might only need to wear an adult diaper due to old age or a medical condition but here are three more uses.

1. Clearing World of Warcraft’s Blackrock Depths in its entirety.
2. Driving 900 miles from Houston, Texas to Orlando, Florida to confront someone at an airport.
3. Participating in a kissing contest lasting 33 hours.

What are some other reasons you can think of to wear an adult diaper?

Site Update 2/15

I would like to apologize for the lack of posts as I was in the hospital for a few days. I will be taking some time to recover but will try to post as often as possible during that time. As a thank you I will be adding to the Year End Sweepstakes jackpot.

Thank you to all whom have been visiting!

Free Maybelline New York FIT ME Foundation

Free Sample from Walmart.comThis sample has been exhausted.

I have absolutely no use for this free sample of Maybelline New York FIT ME Foundation and I don’t think my girlfriend does either. I can honestly say she looks great even with out makeup on.

Do you know anyone that wears too much like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show? If you wear make up, what’s your favorite brand?

Free Taco Bell Crunchy Taco

Taco Bell has been in the news lately and they’re doing what they can to bring customers into their stores. If you head over to the Taco Bell Facebook page and click “Like” you will be presented with an option to print a coupon for a free Taco Bell Crunchy Taco.

Has the recent news kept you from eating at Taco Bell? Let me know in the comments below!

Send A Free Card for Valentine’s Day [Guide]

Valentine’s is only a few more days away and many people are rushing to the stores to buy gifts and a card for their loved ones. I say don’t waste your money. Hallmark cards found in stores are great but often run between $1-$3 for a basic card or even $5 for an audio card. Sending a free e-card or making one yourself can be just as or even more personal than buying one. Here are your options: