Send A Free Card for Valentine’s Day [Guide]

Valentine’s is only a few more days away and many people are rushing to the stores to buy gifts and a card for their loved ones. I say don’t waste your money. Hallmark cards found in stores are great but often run between $1-$3 for a basic card or even $5 for an audio card. Sending a free e-card or making one yourself can be just as or even more personal than buying one. Here are your options:

Free E-Cards: Some people might be put off by using or receiving e-cards because they’re not tangible, personal, or think that the person that sent it is cheap or didn’t take the time to pick out a REAL card. All of these things can be over come if a little bit of time, effort and research is put into selecting an e-card. Here are three of my favorites:

RattleBox is a unique site that allows you to add a personalize video to your card, customize every word, and share it through email, Facebook, or on Twitter.

SmileBox is a favorite for many people. The site provides hundreds of designs and allows you to completely customize the card with your own photos, videos, music, and messages, and then email it or blog it.

Got Free E-Cards has many animated cards that can be customized with text and background music like other sites; however, they also include other options I haven’t seen offered before. If you have an image of you and that special someone or want to add your own voice to the card, it can be done without any additional cost.

If you like to display your cards, many e-card sites provide easy ways to print them out.

Make your own: How often do you pick out a blank card in the store? Most people spend an average of 5-10 minutes looking for a card that looks great on the outside and has the right words on the inside then spend only a few minutes signing and sealing the card in an envelope with out a single word of their own written in.

Instead, pull out that pack of construction paper[1. Affiliate Link] that costs less then $0.04 per page, some markers, and spend 15 minutes creating a handmade card with a crazy design, your own words, and a dab of their favorite cologne or perfume.

What are some of your favorite free E-Card sites? If you make homemade cards, what are some ideas you can share with others to make their cards even more special?