Free Pouch of Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice

I enjoy having rice with my meals but rarely eat it because it takes a long time to cook. Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice only takes 90 seconds in the microwave and comes in a wide range of flavors.

What’s your favorite way to eat rice? My two favorite ways to eat rice are rice pilaf and red beans and rice.

Free Bioré Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser

Even though I’m well past my teenage years I still tend to get the occasional pimple. Normally washing my face with soap will help but often using a special cleanser will clear up my skin a day or two sooner. The free sample of Bioré Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser has a oil free non-irritating formula that’s gentle on the skin but is powerful enough to penetrate deep into pores to help reduce acne in the future.

Were you the kid in high school with bad acne? How did you deal with it?

How to Access NYT for Free [Guide]

Today the New York Times launched its digital subscription plan to mixed reactions across the web. Thankfully the Times has left some loopholes open in order to promote social sharing and discovery. Using these loopholes, we can easily continue to read for free.

Paper Subscriptions: If you already receive a paper subscription to the New York Times or International Herald Tribune, your access to is unrestricted.

Twitter: @FreeNYT was set up by a reader who was disappointed with the unimaginative paywall system put in place. The Twitter feed aggregates all of the articles from the website and lists 40 of the over 250 public Twitter feeds. If for some reason the account goes down, @tyneerf has much of the same content.

Search: Many of the Times hits come from people doing research on a topic and allows up to 5 articles to be viewed every day before hitting the paywall. If you hit your daily limit you can switch to a different search engine and continue reading.

Bookmarklet: The best work around I have found to bypass the New York Times 20 article limit is a bookmarklet called NYTClean. Simply drag the link to your bookmark toolbar and click it any time blocks you on a page.


In the end, the New York Times has tried a similar paywall in the past and realized they simply made more money using advertising. Until then you can visit many other sources for free news: BBC News, CNN, or USA Today to name a few.

What do you think about the New York Times putting up a paywall? Will you be using one of the work arounds above or paying for a subscription?

Sources: NYTClean, PCMag, Mashable

Blockbuster 5 for $2 (Groupon Deal)

Competition is always a good thing and Blockbuster is upping the recent Redbox Groupon deal. You have until 11:59 PM March 25 to spend only $2 for five one-night DVD rentals from Blockbuster Express. The deal is limited to one per person but you are able to buy multiple as gifts for friends. The coupon expires May 1, 2013. Lets hope they have a local kiosk in the area by then.

Free Dove Men+Care Body/Face Wash

Free Sample from Walmart.comThis free sample is no longer available but you can still get $1 off coupon

I like to keep things quick and simple when I’m in the shower so I can spend most of my time relaxing under the scolding hot water. I already use a single product for my hair. Two separate bottles for shampoo and conditioner, who needs it? Now I can use this free sample of Dove Men+Care Body & Face Wash for everything else. Pretty awesome!

What are your favorite products to use in the shower?

Free Android App-A-Day [Amazon Appstore]

Many game developers offer free applications on your phone but it’s often with the inclusion of ads. is running a promotion for their new Amazon Appstore[1. Affiliate] which offers a different paid app, free for a day. One of the most popular apps, Angry Birds Rio, is also included in this promotion.

The Amazon Appstore also features a way to try paid apps for free on your computer. Just look for the “Test drive now” button to try out an app. The test drive feature requires Flash.

Cheez-It Crackers [Review]

I finally received my free samples of Cheez-It snacks in the mail. I had no idea they’d send me all three flavors. The three flavors are Colby, Romano, and Asiago. After signing up on the Cheez-It Facebook page you can play fun activities to gain vote points. Before having the chance to taste the flavors I voted Colby. Once I received the Cheez-It snacks in the mail about four weeks later I got to try them. The Asiago is my least favorite. My second favorite was the Romano, it reminded me of a pizza Pringle. My favorite flavor is Colby. It is the closest in taste to the cheddar cheese Cheez-It . Make sure to get your free sample and vote for the next flavor you want to eat!
Submitted by: Cassie Thoms

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Free Kraft MiO Water Enhancer

I’ve been drinking a lot more water lately and with out any flavoring it gets pretty boring. MiO is a new product from Kraft that lets you decide how much or how little flavor you’d like your water to have. The concentrated liquid comes in 6 different varieties; Berry Pomegranate, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Watermelon, Sweet Tea, Peach Tea, and Mango Peach. After you recieve your free sample of Kraft MiO Water Enhancer be sure to send me a review.

Do you prefer to drink water plain or with a drink mix? For me, it always has to be ice cold and a limonade mix makes it so much better.

NeilMed NasaFlo NetiPot [Review]

A friend had mentioned the neti pot to me while at a Whole Foods store. Never using one I figured it was like a humidifier. After receiving the free neti pot, I removed it from the packaging and started to read the instructions. I was skeptical at first, putting water up my nose, WHAT? I had a serious sinus infection and the time and was willing to try anything. I set up a bowl, my eight ounces of distilled water with salt solution, and the clean neti pot. If you have never tried the neti pot, it is a little weird at first waiting for the “flow”. Instantly I felt better. The three days of sinus headache was gone. I now use the neti pot on a daily basis and it’s gotten more comfortable and easy to use. I feel like my normal breathing has improved as well.
Submitted by: Cassie Thoms

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Free Calls to Japan Until March 31

Friday morning brought devastating news about a 8.9 earthquake and tsunami hitting Japan. Thankfully, the worse part of the tragedy is over. To help you connect with friends and family across seas; AT&T, Verison, and Sprint are making all calls and text messages made to Japan from the US free until the end of March. There are a few restrictions, so contacting your carrier is recommended.

To help support the recovery there are several ways to do so.

1. Text to Donate: Texting REDCROSS to 90999 will provide $10 towards the Red Cross’s humanitarian efforts.
2. Donate via Facebook: Using Facebook Connect, login to Causes to donate anywhere from $10 to $500.
3. Buy Virtual Goods: Zynga has partnered with Save the Children’s Japan Earthquake Tsunami Emergency Fund to get its users to donate money through the purchase of virtual goods in CityVille, FrontierVille, FarmVille and its other games.
4. “Like” a Facebook Page: is donating $1 for every “Like” of the “Dog Bless You” Facebook page, up to $100,000. In addition the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation has headed to Japan for the search and rescue mission.
5. Donate via iTunes: This simple donation page in iTunes [iTunes link] makes it simple to donate anywhere from $5 to $200 to the Red Cross.

Source: Engadget, Mashable