Cheez-It Crackers [Review]

I finally received my free samples of Cheez-It snacks in the mail. I had no idea they’d send me all three flavors. The three flavors are Colby, Romano, and Asiago. After signing up on the Cheez-It Facebook page you can play fun activities to gain vote points. Before having the chance to taste the flavors I voted Colby. Once I received the Cheez-It snacks in the mail about four weeks later I got to try them. The Asiago is my least favorite. My second favorite was the Romano, it reminded me of a pizza Pringle. My favorite flavor is Colby. It is the closest in taste to the cheddar cheese Cheez-It . Make sure to get your free sample and vote for the next flavor you want to eat!
Submitted by: Cassie Thoms

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