NeilMed NasaFlo NetiPot [Review]

A friend had mentioned the neti pot to me while at a Whole Foods store. Never using one I figured it was like a humidifier. After receiving the free neti pot, I removed it from the packaging and started to read the instructions. I was skeptical at first, putting water up my nose, WHAT? I had a serious sinus infection and the time and was willing to try anything. I set up a bowl, my eight ounces of distilled water with salt solution, and the clean neti pot. If you have never tried the neti pot, it is a little weird at first waiting for the “flow”. Instantly I felt better. The three days of sinus headache was gone. I now use the neti pot on a daily basis and it’s gotten more comfortable and easy to use. I feel like my normal breathing has improved as well.
Submitted by: Cassie Thoms

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