Free Portal 2 DLC

Valve has just announced the first Portal 2 DLC is scheduled for a summer release. The DLC, currently titled ‘DLC #1′ will offer new test chambers, leaderboards, challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes, and more. It will be absolutely free of charge for all versions of the game, including Playstation 3, PC, and Xbox 360.

Have you played Portal yet? What’s your favorite part of the franchise?


Free Week of Hulu Plus on Xbox 360

Owners of a Visio, Samsung, or Sony tv as well as devices like a Roku, Blu-ray player, or Playstation 3 have been able to watch Hulu Plus for awhile now. Starting tomorrow Friday, April 29 Hulu Plus will be available on Xbox LIVE. To celebrate the debut of Hulu Plus on Xbox LIVE, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is unlocking Hulu Plus on Xbox LIVE from April 29 – May 6. Through this sponsorship, all Xbox LIVE members (Free or Gold) will be able to enjoy Hulu Plus for free on Xbox LIVE, no Hulu Plus subscription or Xbox LIVE Gold membership required for an entire week.

Wondering if Hulu Plus is coming to your device? Take a look at the Hulu Plus devices page.

Free Folgers Special Roast Coffee

Need to stay up late to study for a test, finish a project, or take care of your dog that freaks over the smallest thunderstorm? A strong cup of coffee is good for any all-nighters no mater the reason. Become a fan of Folgers Facebook page to request a free sample of Folgers Special Roast Coffee.

Free RevitaLens Ocutec Starter Kit

Free Sample from Walmart.comIf you or someone you know wheres contacts print out this voucher for a free RevitaLens Ocutec starter kit.

To redeem the voucher take it to the Pharmacy Center of your local Walmart. The starter kit includes a 2oz bottle of RevitaLens Ocutec solution, a contact lens case, and several coupons.

Earth Day Freebies 2011

Celebrate Earth Day 2011 with 8 great freebies.

Free Coffee
Starbucks: Bring in a coffee mug or tumbler for a free cup of coffee or tea. If you need a tumbler you can buy one for 20% off. Bringing in a mug or tumbler any other day will get you 10 cents off your order. Last year 1.45 million pounds of paper out of landfills. Last year 1.45 million pounds of paper were kept out of landfills due to the initiative.

Caribou Coffee is also offering free coffee to those who bring in their own mug or tumbler.

Free Tote Bag
Disney Stores: Bring in 5 plastic shopping bags to receive a free reusable Mickey Mouse tote bag.

Free Tree
Lowes: Come into Lowes on April 23 for a free tree sapling.

National Parks
Visit any one of the 394 US national parks today for free admission.

Craft Workshops
Anthropologie is offering free Earth Day craft workshops for kids.

Free Organic Milkshakes
EVOS: Visit a participating Evos store to receive a free organic milkshake.

Free Cleanser:
Fill out a short survey and bring in an empty or full bottle of their current skin care product for a free full-size bottle of cleanser.

Download a free Earth Day activity book [PDF]

Old Navy: Help out the environment and local playgrounds by bringing in your old flip-flops to any Old Navy store. The flip-flops will be melted down to be used as playground materials.

Source: Huffington Post

Free GoodNites Underwear from

Free Samples from Target.comIs it just me or is Target just now getting into the freebie game? The free sample of GoodNites underwear is made to fit securely for outstanding PJ protection. And, with trusted leakage protection and cool graphics, they feel like real underwear – so your child can rest assured.

Bonus coupons:
If you’re working to become the ultimate – extreme couponer, be sure to check your favorite store’s website for exclusive coupons. Exclusive coupons for Target this week are worth $226 in savings.

Free Purex Complete with Zout Detergent

Free Purex SampleNormally I don’t watch television but since I’ve been on medical leave I haven’t had much else to do. Tonight I noticed that Purex is still showing ads for their free sample of Purex Complete with Zout Detergent on tv. Do you think television advertisements are still worth the money spent by brands? Or, do you think the money would be better spent giving out more free samples to consumers online?

Bonus Freebie:

Download Purex Laundry Help [iTunes] for your mobile device. The app contains tips on treating stains, care instructions for popular fabric types, and a clothing label decoder.

Don’t forget to submit a review and an action shot for the free samples you receive. All submissions will earn an extra entry into the Year End Sweepstakes.

Free Tree at Lowes on Earth Day 4/23

Free Tree From Lowes On Earth Day
Lowes is celebrating Earth Day by giving away a million trees! Go out and visit your local Lowes on April 23rd and get yours! Be sure to check out their list of 31 ways to make your home more energy efficient.

Have you made any effort to reduce electricity or waste in your home?

Free Garnier Pure Clean Shampoo Sample

Free Sample from Walmart.comJust in time for Earth Day Garnier is introducing a new line of eco-friendly hair care products. The ingredients of the new product line are 92% Biodegradable and made without silicones, parabens or dyes and the bottles are made from 50% post consumer recycled plastic. The free sample of Garnier Fructis Pure Clean is now available on Walmart’s freebie page for a limited time.

How important to you are environmental effects and ingredients when choosing between products?

CW Showroom Second Chance Sweepstakes

Daily Entry ContestIt’s always been said that people deserve a second chance in life. We all make mistakes or miss out on opportunities that are right in front of us. One opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on is the CW Showroom Second Chance Sweepstakes. I could use a new car myself, so I’ll be entering into this contest daily.

Do you believe people should be given second chances? What about third or fourth chances? Does it make a difference if they are young or old?

Official Rules & Prizes