Extreme Couponing on TLC

CouponsUsing coupons can be confusing and time consuming for those new to the process. It’s a main reason why I haven’t dived in myself. However, with my recent health issues and having to take medical leave, the premier of Extreme Couponing has inspired me to try my hand at couponing again.

I’ve started by writing down my goals below and listing coupon sites and favorite blogs on the right that I will be using.

My couponing goals:
1. Never pay full price again.
2. Only buy generic when I don’t have a coupon and need the item.
3. Stock up on coupons and household essentials.
4. Save at least 30-50% every shopping trip.

Extreme Couponing follows women and men as they go to great lengths to find coupons, keep track of deals, and save 75-99% off their grocery bill.

Extreme Couponing premiers on TLC Wednesday, April 6 at 8pm est/ 7pm pst

How often do you use coupons? What do you think of the extreme measures that some of these people go through to save money?

  • Suesheffield

    I am JUST now starting and have become a believer.  I DO, however, feel like there should be a segment within the show that SHOWS a BEGINNER finding her path through the grocery store isles maze of OFFERS!  The “Extreme Beginner”, immediately saved $$$.  The next time 11/10/11 saved 50% + on the groceries I bought!  I would really appreciate some “REALTIME” tips/suggestions to move me down the AISLES faster and with even better results.  I certainly do appreciate all those couponers who have gone before me.  They are clearing the brush so I can make better and faster savings.

    THANK YOU to TLC and the ultimate couponers!

    Sue Sheffield