Hot: Plants Vs. Zombies 66% Off!

As one of the App Store’s top selling games, Plants Vs. Zombies doesn’t go on sale sale very often. If you haven’t purchased the game yet due to the $2.99 price then now is definitely the time to buy. Deal is valid through October 31.

Get 50GB Free Cloud Storage With Box.Net is giving away 50 GB of free storage to anyone who uses a free Box Personal account on an iOS device.

Get your free storage by following these steps:
1. Download or update to the newest version on on your iPod, iPhone or iPad
2. Sign in or register a new account on your iOS device.
3 Enjoy your new 50GB of storage where ever you go.

The offer is only good until November 22, but you keep your free 50GB storage for life.

Win an T-Shirt!

October is drawing to a close and that means theres one more chance to win an t-shirt designed by I Design Your Logo!

Head over to the Ultimate Freeloader Facebook page and click on the giveaway tab on the left. I promise it will take less then a minute to enter.

Giveaway runs from today until 11:59 PM October 25. Winner will be announced on October 26.

Free TENA Serenity Pads

We all have busy lives and the last thing you need is your bladder weakness to get in the way of your day. So whether your headed to visit some haunted houses next week or need all day coverage, this free sample of TENA Serenity Pads with micro-beads can help you feel fresh all day.

Free AeroShot Pure Energy

Here is an interesting new freebie that makes you jump through a few hoops in order to request it. This free sample of AeroShot Pure energy contains a ‘fine powder’ that’s ingested through the mouth. Each AeroShot cartridge contains as much caffeine as a large coffee.

While the caffeine affect might be instant, requesting this freebie isn’t. You’ll first need to request a code by clicking the ‘Send me an invite’ button at the bottom of the page and filling out a form. When you finally receive the email, click the link, and fill out another form you will be sent another email to confirm your request for a free sample.

Free Aveeno Living Color

Aveeno and Walmart shoppers came together this year to plant 7,033 trees in areas devastated by forest fires. As a thank you to their customers for all their help in making a difference, Aveeno is giving away a free sample of Aveeno Living Color Shampoo and Conditioner.

$100 in Free Apps for Blackberry Users

This week has been rough for Blackberry users who were unable to send emails or BBM’s due to a 4 day network outage that traveled across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and eventually the Americas.

In order to make things right with customers, RIM is offering $100 in premium apps to those affected by the outage. Just visit the Blackberry App World on your computer or phone before November 16th to download your free applications.

Blue Snowball Microphone Giveaway

Marques Brownlee is one of my favorite hardware & software reviewers on YouTube and is currently giving away a USB Blue Snowball microphone. The Blue Snowball is a low budget but high quality microphone that works on any PC, MAC, or iPad. To enter the contest, leave a comment on Marques’ review video with the color of microphone you want and a winner will be chosen by 10pm on October 21st.

MKBHD Blue Snowball Review:
About the Blue Snowball:

Free Downy Unstopables on Facebook

This free sample of Downy Unstopables is supposed to boost the smell of your clean clothes for a longer period of time. Be sure to give a like to Downy’s Facebook page and click on the Unstopables tab on the left to request your free sample.

Free Eucerin Everyday Protection Lotion

I pledge to put the health of my skin first by requesting this free sample of Eucerin Everyday Protection Lotion.