Hot: HP’s 16GB TouchPad on sale for $99

HP just announced days ago its intention to discontinue production of webOS devices and retailers are already slashing prices.

The HP TouchPad has been cut to $99 and $149 for the 16GB and 32GB editions respectively. Many people have noticed that a white 64GB version has surfaced on HP’s website for $600 but I suspected that price won’t last long.

If you have been waiting to get a tablet, now is the time to buy.


Free Angry Birds PC Game

Free Angry Birds PC Game DownloadAngry Birds, the most addicting and highest rated game on the iPhone, which has made its way across mobile devices and to the Mac in recent months is now available on the PC[1. Running XP or Windows 7.].

How to download the Angry Birds PC game for free:
1) Head over to Currys website.
2) Download and install Intel AppUp S/W from that link.
3) Open Intel AppUp and create a new account (old accounts are not eligible for this promotion). You will get notification in your browser that Angry birds is free to download.
4) Back in Intel AppUp, sign in with your new account and click My Apps. You will find Angry Birds waiting to be downloaded for free.

This offer will run for 15,000 downloads, or until the end of March, via the Intel AppUp PC App Store.

Free hand-washing timers

Hand Washing TimerWelcome to the first post of Full Size Freebies. It’s not often companies send out full sized products but when they do you can be sure to find it here at UFG.

It’s important to teach kids the proper way to wash their hands and with APHA’s Get Ready hand-washing timer you can challenge them to wash their hands as well as possible.

Source: Money Saving Mom

Free HTML5, JavaScript and CSS Classes at Mozilla’s “School of Webcraft”

Mozilla's School of WebcraftThere are a ton of self-learning tutorials and resources online, but having a more structured learning environment is often the best way to learn a new skill such as web design.

Mozilla’s School of Webcraft is a six to 10 week series of courses hosted by leaders in the developer community. The 100% free courses cover a wide range of subjects like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and even non-developer topics such as organic SEO. Registration opens on January 8, 2011 for the second semester starting on January 26, 2011.


Free Shipping Deals for the Holidays

Free Shipping for the HolidaysWe already spend a lot of money on gifts during the holiday seasons but it’s often the added shipping charges that eat away at our budgets. With the list below, you can be on your way buying presents for your loved ones with out spending an arm & leg on the cost of getting them to you.

On to the list!

Find Your Lost Phone for Free

We’ve all had those times of forgetfulness hit us at the worst possible moment like leaving your iPhone 4 prototype in a bar but the free apps below can help you recover it quickly.

Find My iPhone Apple (iTunes) has been available since June 2009 as a part of Apple’s full featured $99 MobileMe service plan. However, an update released today allows anyone with an iPhone 4, an iPad, or the fourth-gen iPod touch running iOS 4.2.1 to access the feature for free without a MobileMe account. As with the paid feature, you’ll be able to locate your device on a map, lock it, display a message, play a sound, or remotely wipe your data from any browser or the updated iOS app, which went live earlier today along with iOS 4.2.1 itself. Thanks Apple for giving me another reason to upgrade to the iPhone 5 next year.

Where’s My Droid Android is only one of many location apps available but it is certainly the best I have seen for the price. Not only does this app contain all the features of Find My iPhone but you can also send commands that will turn off silent mode and turn up the volume or activate the GPS if it was turned off. Very cool.

Find a Lost Phone Windows Phone 7 has the feature to find your phone built-in so no install is necessary, just login to your Windows live account to activate it. What makes it unique is that you can set it to periodically save your location so if your phone gets purposely shut off or the battery dies, its last known location will be saved.

If you know of any similar free apps on other devices please make a comment below.

20 Pine Tree Air Fresheners In 20 Days: Chevy Cruze Sweepstakes

Conan O’Brien returned to TV with first night ratings that blew other late night shows out of the water. Now Conan is giving away 20 pine tree air fresheners to viewers who enter for a chance to win on his website

Conan announced on last nights show that he would like to thank all of his fans for their support over the last 9 months with a crazy big giveaway but given their low budget they could only afford to give away 20 pine tree car air freshners. The best part, Conan said, “Each pine freshner will come inside a BRAND NEW CHEVY CRUZE!!”

All you have to do to enter is head over to the Chevy Cruze Sweepstakes page and follow the directions. They will be announcing the winners daily, so make sure to come back to see if you’ve won. And enter for more chances to win a brand new car!

Watch Conan announce the contest on last nights show courtesy of TBS

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Free In-Flight WiFi From the Google Chrome Team

Free WiFi from GoogleIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and the Google Chrome team is giving the gift of free in-flight WiFi to passengers during the holiday travel season.

Google just announced that it is partnering with three major airlines: AirTran, Delta, and Vergin America to provide free Gogo WiFi to over 700 planes, and are expecting to serve more than 15 million passengers. The dates to receive the free WiFi are November 20, 2010 through January 2, 2011.

Are you planning to fly this year? If so does the offer of free WiFi effect which airline you’ll choose? Share your comments down below!