Kids eat FREE at IKEA Through August 21

Most people wouldn’t think about eating at a home furnishings store like IKEA but the cafeteria inside the store has good food and great prices.

From now until August 21st, children under 12 years old eat free when they choose any entree valued at 2.49 This offer is not valid at IKEA Houston, IKEA Stoughton or IKEA Direct.

For more great deals head over to IKEA Food.

Free Kashi Kid Friendly Foods

It’s been a while since Kashi has offered any free samples. This time the samples are targeted toward kids in an attempt to show that healthy foods can taste great. I was tempted by the Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal but couldn’t resist requesting the Kashi TLC Peanutty Dark Chocolate Layered Granola Bars.

Which one are you going to choose? The free Kashi cereal or granola bar?

Free Huggies Snug and Dry Diaper

It seems like there’s a new type of diaper every month. This time the free Huggies Snug & Dry Diaper sample from Walmart has special leak lock protection and better stopping guards to keep wetness in.

As a bonus for buying Huggies Snug & Dry diapers you will recieve a free HUGGIES® baby bodysuit with redemption of two eligible Rewards Codes.

Earth Day Freebies 2011

Celebrate Earth Day 2011 with 8 great freebies.

Free Coffee
Starbucks: Bring in a coffee mug or tumbler for a free cup of coffee or tea. If you need a tumbler you can buy one for 20% off. Bringing in a mug or tumbler any other day will get you 10 cents off your order. Last year 1.45 million pounds of paper out of landfills. Last year 1.45 million pounds of paper were kept out of landfills due to the initiative.

Caribou Coffee is also offering free coffee to those who bring in their own mug or tumbler.

Free Tote Bag
Disney Stores: Bring in 5 plastic shopping bags to receive a free reusable Mickey Mouse tote bag.

Free Tree
Lowes: Come into Lowes on April 23 for a free tree sapling.

National Parks
Visit any one of the 394 US national parks today for free admission.

Craft Workshops
Anthropologie is offering free Earth Day craft workshops for kids.

Free Organic Milkshakes
EVOS: Visit a participating Evos store to receive a free organic milkshake.

Free Cleanser:
Fill out a short survey and bring in an empty or full bottle of their current skin care product for a free full-size bottle of cleanser.

Download a free Earth Day activity book [PDF]

Old Navy: Help out the environment and local playgrounds by bringing in your old flip-flops to any Old Navy store. The flip-flops will be melted down to be used as playground materials.

Source: Huffington Post

Free GoodNites Underwear from

Free Samples from Target.comIs it just me or is Target just now getting into the freebie game? The free sample of GoodNites underwear is made to fit securely for outstanding PJ protection. And, with trusted leakage protection and cool graphics, they feel like real underwear – so your child can rest assured.

Bonus coupons:
If you’re working to become the ultimate – extreme couponer, be sure to check your favorite store’s website for exclusive coupons. Exclusive coupons for Target this week are worth $226 in savings.

Free Member’s Mark Infant Formula

When it comes to infant formula, you simply want the best for your baby. Member’s Mark infant formula is nutritionally complete as required by the FDA and can save you as much as $584.18 per year according to their savings calculator. The free sample of Member’s Mark Infant Formula is available in complete or gentle options.

My girlfriend and I both agree on breast-feeding any children we may have. Besides any nutritional advantages it may have, it’s also completely free. Do you have any other baby money-saving tips?

Free GoodNites Underwear

Free Sample of Good Nights Underwear GoodNights has been around since 1994 making it easier for children to get a good nights sleep even with bed wetting.

I feel like doing ‘The Potty Dance’ because this free sample of GoodNight’s Underwear has new graphics, greater protection and comfort, and look and feel more like real underwear making them less noticable and protects your childs self-esteem. I think that’s pretty cool!

If you’re a parent who’s children wear GoodNight’s brand underwear, please leave a comment below with a review.

Free hand-washing timers

Hand Washing TimerWelcome to the first post of Full Size Freebies. It’s not often companies send out full sized products but when they do you can be sure to find it here at UFG.

It’s important to teach kids the proper way to wash their hands and with APHA’s Get Ready hand-washing timer you can challenge them to wash their hands as well as possible.

Source: Money Saving Mom

Free Lemonade Stand Kit

Every summer when I was little my older sisters and I would set up a lemonade stand at the corner of our street. Since we had just moved into into a new housing edition the summer months were filled with construction workers driving past to and from their work site and would stop by to buy a few glasses or fill their thermos with fresh lemonade. One year we made quite a killing in sales and decided to donate all of the money to the Jerry Lewis MDA fund. Back then we did it all by hand with out the help of this free lemonade stand kit. Kids sure have it easy these days don’t they?

Be sure to check out the site for printable resources on how best to run a lemonade stand and help donate the money to worthy causes. For more information on the freebie and the charity in general, check out this page.

Free GoodNites & Huggies Brand Diapers

There are too many diaper brands to name and taking the time to test out package after package of diapers can be both a smelly time consuming process and hard on the wallet. You could simply go with the more common name brands but truth be told they aren’t always the best. Instead I like to get a free sample of GoodNites Brand and Huggies Brand diapers and personally try out the little experiment they always show on TV.