Free Fiber Choice

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Free Emergen-C Kidz Vitamin Drink Mix

Request a free sample of Emergen-C Kidz.The new drink mix offers all of the fun and fizzy goodness of the original Emergen-C, now specially formulated just for kids.

While your here, don’t forget to request a free sample of Emergen-c for yourself.

Free 14 Day Gym Pass to Anytime Fitness

If your constantly busy with school, work, or family life it can be hard to find time to work out. Anytime Fitness offers the convenience of a 24 hour gym with the benefit of being able to use any one of their 1,800+ locations with one membership.

To get a free 14 day gym pass to Anytime fitness just find a location near you and login with a social network account such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or even Myspace. If you aren’t a member of any of the 12 social networks listed on the site you can still receive a free 7 day pass.

Free 7 Day Club Pass to 24 Hour Fitness

It’s 2012 and you’ve made another resolution to exercise or lose weight but you don’t have a gym membership. It can be hard to pick out the perfect gym and most only give a couple of days to try them out for free.

For the month of January, you can print out a free 7 day Club Pass to 24Hour Fitness to try out their gym. Once used, you will have 7 consecutive days to try out the gym.

Free Kashi Kid Friendly Foods

It’s been a while since Kashi has offered any free samples. This time the samples are targeted toward kids in an attempt to show that healthy foods can taste great. I was tempted by the Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal but couldn’t resist requesting the Kashi TLC Peanutty Dark Chocolate Layered Granola Bars.

Which one are you going to choose? The free Kashi cereal or granola bar?

Free Power Pill Extreme Energy

I just received the free Power Pill Extreme Energy sample in the mail and I have to say that it works great. I haven’t had as much energy since my surgery 2 months ago but after taking the two pills I was more alert and had an improved performance throughout the day.

If you’re not used to having high caffeinated energy drinks or shots then one pill will probably be enough for you. If you tend to chug down Red Bull, Amp or a 5-hour energy shot then you may not feel the effects quite as much with out taking two pills. Just be sure to drink lots of water as recommended on the packaging.

What are some of your favorite ways to keep your energy up throughout the day?

Free Condoms For New Yorkers

Free Condoms for New YorkersNew York City’s Health Department maybe the largest distributor of free samples in America to date. The NYC Health Department began it’s initial distribution of free condoms in the late 1980s but it didn’t become widespread until 2002. In 2007 the city developed the official New York City condom in partnership with the Lifestyles brand.

On the web: Individuals can get free condoms for men or women by visiting any of these NYC condom locations. Some locations also offer free packets of lubricant.

On your Smartphone: Using your iOS or Android powered phone download the NYC Condom Finder for iPhone or Find Condoms NYC for Android.

You may also dial 311 on any phone to find a location nearest you.

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Source: Newsday Inc Associated Press, NYC Health

Free Atkins Weight Loss Kit

It can be rough committing to a weight loss plan. If you choose off the shelf supplements or meal replacement snacks then you’re pretty much on your own. Atkins has created an online community to help you stay on track and will send you a free Atkins weight-loss kit and 3 free Atkins bars just for signing up.

What have you had trouble committing to or developing a habit for? Do you have any tips to help others?

Free Playtex Sport Tampon Sample

Free Sample of Playtex Sport TamponsI’ve learned quite a few things from reading Wikipedia. The tampon for instance has been around since ancient times and it was the Egyptians who first made them disposable. The free sample of Playtex Sport Tampons you request includes 2 regular unscented, 1 super unscented, and a coupon for $1.00 off!

What is the most interesting thing you have learned from reading Wikipedia?

Free TENA Super Plus Underwear

Free Sample from Walmart.comI’m back and so is the free sample of Tena Super Plus Underwear. Last time I mentioned you might only need to wear an adult diaper due to old age or a medical condition but here are three more uses.

1. Clearing World of Warcraft’s Blackrock Depths in its entirety.
2. Driving 900 miles from Houston, Texas to Orlando, Florida to confront someone at an airport.
3. Participating in a kissing contest lasting 33 hours.

What are some other reasons you can think of to wear an adult diaper?