Free Visual Studio Magazine

I’ve been interested in programming since I was a kid typing out TI Basic code on a TI99-4/a console. Over the years my interest has grown to include HMTL/CSS, PHP, and more recently C#/C++.

Visual Studio Magazine is a great resource for tutorials, sample code, and the latest in developer news. In addition to the website, Microsoft offers a free subscription of Visual Studio Magazine in digital or traditional print format.

What are some interests or hobbies you had as a child and still have today?

How to Access NYT for Free [Guide]

Today the New York Times launched its digital subscription plan to mixed reactions across the web. Thankfully the Times has left some loopholes open in order to promote social sharing and discovery. Using these loopholes, we can easily continue to read for free.

Paper Subscriptions: If you already receive a paper subscription to the New York Times or International Herald Tribune, your access to is unrestricted.

Twitter: @FreeNYT was set up by a reader who was disappointed with the unimaginative paywall system put in place. The Twitter feed aggregates all of the articles from the website and lists 40 of the over 250 public Twitter feeds. If for some reason the account goes down, @tyneerf has much of the same content.

Search: Many of the Times hits come from people doing research on a topic and allows up to 5 articles to be viewed every day before hitting the paywall. If you hit your daily limit you can switch to a different search engine and continue reading.

Bookmarklet: The best work around I have found to bypass the New York Times 20 article limit is a bookmarklet called NYTClean. Simply drag the link to your bookmark toolbar and click it any time blocks you on a page.


In the end, the New York Times has tried a similar paywall in the past and realized they simply made more money using advertising. Until then you can visit many other sources for free news: BBC News, CNN, or USA Today to name a few.

What do you think about the New York Times putting up a paywall? Will you be using one of the work arounds above or paying for a subscription?

Sources: NYTClean, PCMag, Mashable

Free 10 Month WSJ Newspaper Subscription

RewardsGold has offered a lot of quality subscriptions over the years but I think this free 10 month Wall Street Journal newspaper subscription is one of the best. To receive your subscription, just recommend 3 friends to RewardsGold (3 of your own email addresses work), fill out 3 surveys (be creative), and wait patiently for your first issue to arrive.

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Free Bridal Guide Magazine Subscription

Free One-Year Bridal Guide Magazine Subscription

With the average wedding in 2011 expected to cost between $25,000-$28,000, many couples are looking for ways to save money on the big day.

One way couples can save money is by doing a bit of research online, talking to friends that have gotten married before, or getting a free one-year subscription to Bridal Guide Magazine.

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