Free Indochino Tape Measure

Get your free Indochino Tape Measure by hitting LIKE and creating a free account.

Tape measure is worth $4.99 and available for free for anyone in US and Canada.

Free Better Homes and Gardens Scented Wax Cube Candle

Sometime today between 1-3pm est, BHG will be giving away a free Better Homes and Gardens Scented Wax Cube Candle on their Facebook page. Be sure to LIKE their page now so you’ll be ready to go when the freebie is available. Supplies will be limited.

Free Stuff From The Sites You Love

Christmas maybe over but Microsoft is still spreading the cheer by offering free stuff from the sites you love.

Just by pinning applications to your Windows 7 taskbar using Internet Explorer 9 you can get up to three months free from services such as Pandora One, Hulu Plus, Vimo, GrooveShark, or Slacker Radio; $5 off your next purchase on Flixster, Fandango, or TicketMaster; and 20 free Horseshoes in Zynga’s Facebook game ‘Pioneer Trail’.

Free AeroShot Pure Energy

Here is an interesting new freebie that makes you jump through a few hoops in order to request it. This free sample of AeroShot Pure energy contains a ‘fine powder’ that’s ingested through the mouth. Each AeroShot cartridge contains as much caffeine as a large coffee.

While the caffeine affect might be instant, requesting this freebie isn’t. You’ll first need to request a code by clicking the ‘Send me an invite’ button at the bottom of the page and filling out a form. When you finally receive the email, click the link, and fill out another form you will be sent another email to confirm your request for a free sample.

$100 in Free Apps for Blackberry Users

This week has been rough for Blackberry users who were unable to send emails or BBM’s due to a 4 day network outage that traveled across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and eventually the Americas.

In order to make things right with customers, RIM is offering $100 in premium apps to those affected by the outage. Just visit the Blackberry App World on your computer or phone before November 16th to download your free applications.

Free Google Plus Invites

The newest social networking site, Google Plus, is still locked down for those with out an invite but there are still hundreds of people that want in. I’ve seen people begging for an invite in comments around the web and still others buying them off of eBay. If you haven’t received a Google Plus invite yet, go ahead and leave a comment below along with your email address in the box provided. As I have invites available I will be sending them out first come, first serve.

Free Week of Hulu Plus on Xbox 360

Owners of a Visio, Samsung, or Sony tv as well as devices like a Roku, Blu-ray player, or Playstation 3 have been able to watch Hulu Plus for awhile now. Starting tomorrow Friday, April 29 Hulu Plus will be available on Xbox LIVE. To celebrate the debut of Hulu Plus on Xbox LIVE, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is unlocking Hulu Plus on Xbox LIVE from April 29 – May 6. Through this sponsorship, all Xbox LIVE members (Free or Gold) will be able to enjoy Hulu Plus for free on Xbox LIVE, no Hulu Plus subscription or Xbox LIVE Gold membership required for an entire week.

Wondering if Hulu Plus is coming to your device? Take a look at the Hulu Plus devices page.

Earth Day Freebies 2011

Celebrate Earth Day 2011 with 8 great freebies.

Free Coffee
Starbucks: Bring in a coffee mug or tumbler for a free cup of coffee or tea. If you need a tumbler you can buy one for 20% off. Bringing in a mug or tumbler any other day will get you 10 cents off your order. Last year 1.45 million pounds of paper out of landfills. Last year 1.45 million pounds of paper were kept out of landfills due to the initiative.

Caribou Coffee is also offering free coffee to those who bring in their own mug or tumbler.

Free Tote Bag
Disney Stores: Bring in 5 plastic shopping bags to receive a free reusable Mickey Mouse tote bag.

Free Tree
Lowes: Come into Lowes on April 23 for a free tree sapling.

National Parks
Visit any one of the 394 US national parks today for free admission.

Craft Workshops
Anthropologie is offering free Earth Day craft workshops for kids.

Free Organic Milkshakes
EVOS: Visit a participating Evos store to receive a free organic milkshake.

Free Cleanser:
Fill out a short survey and bring in an empty or full bottle of their current skin care product for a free full-size bottle of cleanser.

Download a free Earth Day activity book [PDF]

Old Navy: Help out the environment and local playgrounds by bringing in your old flip-flops to any Old Navy store. The flip-flops will be melted down to be used as playground materials.

Source: Huffington Post

Free Anti-Dust Protective Cap for iPod/iPhone

I keep my iPhone in my pocket when I go out but even with a case dust builds up in any open area it can find. The Anti-Dust Protective Cap for iPod/iPhone covers your charger socket and headphone jack keeping your device clean. is giving away free Anti-Dust Protective Caps to the first 500 people daily starting at 1am for the next two days.

These freebie’s are guaranteed to go fast. Stay up late tonight, create a free account on the site and have your order ready. Be sure to select free shipping and when you check out use the coupon code: BGFR8901299.

Free Scion Military Care Package

Free Scion Military Care Package

Today’s freebie comes courtesy of Scion auto as a thank you to anyone that has or is currently serving in the military. Packages can be sent either stateside or overseas and will be delivered in 4-6 weeks. Limit one care package per person every 12 months.

The free Scion Military Care package contents:
$1000 Military rebate
2 music CD samplers
Brown Scion hat
1hr of internet
Scion playing cards
1 GB thumb drive
Scion Steel Keychain
Compact Camo Pen
Ear Buds
Scion Chapstick/lip balm spf 15 (mint)
Laminate for wallet family picture
Scion Wool beenie hat