[Free To Play Weekend] Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on Steam

Free Play COD MW3

This weekend only, play Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 for FREE until Sunday at 1pm Pacific Time. Plus, save 50% off during the Weekend Deal!

*The Free Weekend of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 will let you play the entire multiplayer portion of the base game. Discount ends Monday at 10am Pacific Time.

Hot: HP’s 16GB TouchPad on sale for $99

HP just announced days ago its intention to discontinue production of webOS devices and retailers are already slashing prices.

The HP TouchPad has been cut to $99 and $149 for the 16GB and 32GB editions respectively. Many people have noticed that a white 64GB version has surfaced on HP’s website for $600 but I suspected that price won’t last long.

If you have been waiting to get a tablet, now is the time to buy.

Source: Engadget.com

Free Dessert From Olga’s Kitchen

Free Dessert at Olga's Kitchen
This coupon has expired.
How does a warm soft brownie drizzled with caramel and chocolate, topped with vanilla ice cream, chopped peanuts and whipped cream sound?

Today through August 22, Olga’s Kitchen is giving away a free dessert with any dine-in purchase. To receive your free dessert, you must present the free dessert coupon and your Olga’s Kitchen registered rewards card when you dine in.

Olga’s kitchen also has a great selection of custom coupons on their web site. What I love about these coupons is that they are tailored to what ever it is that you want. For instance I would choose a sandwich – Original Olga, a side – Zucchini Fries, and a drink or dessert – Birmingham’s Best Brownie. In less then a minute, I received a coupon for $1.50 off all 3 selections, $1 off the sandwich and fries, and a coupon for $0.50 off just the sandwich.

Free Redbox Discount Codes by Checking Into Foursquare

I stopped checking into places with Foursquare over a year ago. Not only did it get boring but living in a non-major city meant that there were very few worth while deals for maintaining mayor-ships.

A year later and there’s really not much of a difference. Redbox; however, is giving away discount codes to those that check into one of their 33,000 locations using Foursquare between August 15th through August 24th. The codes range from a measly $0.10 to the $1 off codes we know and love. These codes must be used the same day you receive them and can be used on movies or video games.

Looking for Redbox codes that always work?

Nintendo 3DS Price Drop, Free Games for Early Adopters

Due to the lack of games and sales of the 3DS, Nintendo has announced a price drop of their latest handheld gaming system. On August 12, Nintendo will drop the price from $249 to $169.

Early adopters are unsurprisingly angry about the news which has prompted Nintendo to compensate consumers that purchased the device before the price drop.

Nintendo has said you must be logged into the eShop at least once before the price cut to claim your 20 free games your choice will consist of 10 free NES virtual console games available September 1st, plus 10 more Game Boy Advance virtual console games that will be released by the end of the year.

How do you feel about the early price cut? Are the 20 games enough to make it worth the extra $80 you paid?

Update: According to Cheep Ass Gamer, Wal-Mart will drop the price of Nintendo’s 3DS an entire 3 days before anyone else. Anyone who buys the 3DS at Wal-Mart between August 9th-11th will not only get the lower price but will also be eligible to download the 20 free digital games as long as they sign into the eShop before 11:59pm on August 11th.

Blockbuster 5 for $2 (Groupon Deal)

Competition is always a good thing and Blockbuster is upping the recent Redbox Groupon deal. You have until 11:59 PM March 25 to spend only $2 for five one-night DVD rentals from Blockbuster Express. The deal is limited to one per person but you are able to buy multiple as gifts for friends. The coupon expires May 1, 2013. Lets hope they have a local kiosk in the area by then.

Redbox 3 for $1 (Groupon Deal)

As of today, Groupon has helped people save over $1,309,779,516. Their success is due to all the great deals people can really use. One of their most popular is the 3 for $1 Redbox coupon. This deal is back and good from today until 11:59p Tuesday, March 1.

Which movie rental service do you prefer? Redbox, Blockbuster, or Netflix?

IWYS Sponsored Contests/Deals 2011 (wk 6)

We had a great day on IWYS yesterday and we hope everyone else does too. Please check out the exclusive contests & deals below.

Versico Roofing System uses high performance, eco friendly, single-ply roofing that can be warranted for up to 30 years when installed by an authorized contractor. If you like Versico Roofing Systems on Facebook you’ll be entered into the giveaway for an Amazon Kindle.

Come back every day for more contests and deals from IWYS and their sponsors.

Free Angry Birds PC Game

Free Angry Birds PC Game DownloadAngry Birds, the most addicting and highest rated game on the iPhone, which has made its way across mobile devices and to the Mac in recent months is now available on the PC[1. Running XP or Windows 7.].

How to download the Angry Birds PC game for free:
1) Head over to Currys website.
2) Download and install Intel AppUp S/W from that link.
3) Open Intel AppUp and create a new account (old accounts are not eligible for this promotion). You will get notification in your browser that Angry birds is free to download.
4) Back in Intel AppUp, sign in with your new account and click My Apps. You will find Angry Birds waiting to be downloaded for free.

This offer will run for 15,000 downloads, or until the end of March, via the Intel AppUp PC App Store.

IWYS Sponsored Contests/Deals 2011 (wk 5)

It’s just a few days away from our own day on I Wear Your Shirt and I have the list of exclusive contests and deals for week 5 below.

Burger Junkies: The burger is an all American favorite. I love mine thick, juicy, and loaded with toppings. Simply enough, Burger Junkies is a blog that reviews burgers, answers your favorite burger questions, and shares photos that are sure to give you a burgasm. Burger Junkies is giving out a ton of prizes today, so check them out!

SMWorkshop.com: Biztegra is a Social Web agency that uses workshops to help create social media programs for businesses. Biztegra is offering 15% off their Social Media Strategy Workshops and will include a free t-shirt.

Slowboy Racing: Slowboy will help you find all of the automotive parts you need at a discounted price. If you like Slowboy Racing on Facebook and leave a comment on their wall with your favorite car you could win a $50 Amazon.com gift card or be one of two people to win a Slowboy Racing gift card. Pretty awesome!

Pongo Resume: Pongo can help you perfect your resume, write your cover letter, and crush it in the interview. Follow @AskPongo on Twitter with your best resume tip and you could win one of 20 t-shirts.

Ultimate Freeloader: Hey that’s us! Like UltimateFreeloader on Facebook with a comment about a creative way to do something special for your sweetie on Valentines Day with out spending a lot of money. One person will be selected to win an Amazon.com gift card and a UltimateFreeloader.com t-shirt, two others will win a t-shirt.

Monthly Sponsor:
Furnish123: Furnish123 is an amazing new way to own affordable, quality furniture. Each category of furniture has one single discounted price so you can concentrate on making your room look like you want with out worrying about cost. Win a $400 Gift Card to your nearest F123 store by following @furnish123store on Twitter and tweeting this tweet: http://iwys.co/F123tweet You can win also win a $1000 gift card by creating a YouTube video of your current furniture, why you need new furniture AND what furniture you would spend your money on. Then post a link to the video on the Furnish123 Facebook page by Feb 28 at 9pm.

There will be more contests and deals later this week so stay tuned!