Free Folgers Special Roast Coffee

Need to stay up late to study for a test, finish a project, or take care of your dog that freaks over the smallest thunderstorm? A strong cup of coffee is good for any all-nighters no mater the reason. Become a fan of Folgers Facebook page to request a free sample of Folgers Special Roast Coffee.

Free Duck Brand Duct Tape Sheets [Facebook]

Free Duck brand Duct Tape sampleLast week Duck brand Duct Tape started a campaign to give away 10,000 free Zebra Duck Tape sheet samples every week for 5 weeks straight. Head to the the Duck Tape Facebook page on Monday to ‘like’ their page in order to request a free sample at 6pm est. Due to high demand, you may have to keep refreshing the page. Miss the giveaway? Come back every Monday through May 2 for another chance to request a free sample.

Free Bioré Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser

Even though I’m well past my teenage years I still tend to get the occasional pimple. Normally washing my face with soap will help but often using a special cleanser will clear up my skin a day or two sooner. The free sample of Bioré Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser has a oil free non-irritating formula that’s gentle on the skin but is powerful enough to penetrate deep into pores to help reduce acne in the future.

Were you the kid in high school with bad acne? How did you deal with it?

Free Food from Chipotle

How much is 90 seconds of your time worth? NBC has partnered with Chipotle to promote their new show America’s Next Great Restaurant. By liking their Facebook page and watching the promo, visitors get a buy-one, get-one-free coupon at Chipotle. Don’t take too long though, the offer is only good until March 6, 2011.

As an added bonus, anyone who texts “ANGR” (for America’s Next Great Restaurant) at any Chipotle location will have a chance to win a catered burrito party.

Source: Mashable

IWYS Sponsored Contests/Deals 2011 (wk 6)

We had a great day on IWYS yesterday and we hope everyone else does too. Please check out the exclusive contests & deals below.

Versico Roofing System uses high performance, eco friendly, single-ply roofing that can be warranted for up to 30 years when installed by an authorized contractor. If you like Versico Roofing Systems on Facebook you’ll be entered into the giveaway for an Amazon Kindle.

Come back every day for more contests and deals from IWYS and their sponsors.

Free Cheez-It Crackers Sample

The Sunshine company that makes Cheez-It crackers wants you to choose their next cheese flavor. Once you have “liked” their fan page and cast your vote, you will be given an opportunity to request a free sample of Cheez-It crackers.

What is your favorite kind of cheese? Having only tried cheeses common in North America my choices are limited. My top two favorites are mozzarella and white cheddar.