Nintendo 3DS Price Drop, Free Games for Early Adopters

Due to the lack of games and sales of the 3DS, Nintendo has announced a price drop of their latest handheld gaming system. On August 12, Nintendo will drop the price from $249 to $169.

Early adopters are unsurprisingly angry about the news which has prompted Nintendo to compensate consumers that purchased the device before the price drop.

Nintendo has said you must be logged into the eShop at least once before the price cut to claim your 20 free games your choice will consist of 10 free NES virtual console games available September 1st, plus 10 more Game Boy Advance virtual console games that will be released by the end of the year.

How do you feel about the early price cut? Are the 20 games enough to make it worth the extra $80 you paid?

Update: According to Cheep Ass Gamer, Wal-Mart will drop the price of Nintendo’s 3DS an entire 3 days before anyone else. Anyone who buys the 3DS at Wal-Mart between August 9th-11th will not only get the lower price but will also be eligible to download the 20 free digital games as long as they sign into the eShop before 11:59pm on August 11th.

World of Warcraft Free to Play (Up to level 20)

I’ve always believed that a 10 day free trial of an MMORPG is never enough. Most of the time, a game like World of Warcraft can take anywhere from 12-24 hours to download and update before being able to actually play the game. Once in game, the first 5-10 levels are mainly there to introduce you to the game mechanics and if you aren’t an avid gamer and spend at least 2 hours a day, every day, until your trial is up you may not get very far.

Blizzard is reaching out to these new players and making the hours spent downloading the entire game for a free trial worth every minute. New players will be able to play for free, up to level 20, at their own pace (even if it takes an entire month). When you reach level 20, you can still play but you wont gain any more experience. There are other limitations too, trial members will be limited to 100 gold, skills are capped at 100, and auctions/guilds are disabled.

You can read more about the World of Warcraft Starter Edition in the FAQ or you can begin your free trial here.


City of Heroes Freedom Now Free To Play

Following in the footsteps of Dungeons & Dragons Online, City of Heroes will go free to play later this year. As a free member, players will be limited to playing in 45 different game zones, select from 8 character archetypes, and two character slots. Additional content will be available to purchase from the in-game store.

Premium users will have access to exclusive VIP content, receive 400 Paragon Points per month, create up to 12 characters per server, and will gain access to a new VIP-only server.

Free Portal 2 DLC

Valve has just announced the first Portal 2 DLC is scheduled for a summer release. The DLC, currently titled ‘DLC #1′ will offer new test chambers, leaderboards, challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes, and more. It will be absolutely free of charge for all versions of the game, including Playstation 3, PC, and Xbox 360.

Have you played Portal yet? What’s your favorite part of the franchise?