Free Angry Birds PC Game

Free Angry Birds PC Game DownloadAngry Birds, the most addicting and highest rated game on the iPhone, which has made its way across mobile devices and to the Mac in recent months is now available on the PC[1. Running XP or Windows 7.].

How to download the Angry Birds PC game for free:
1) Head over to Currys website.
2) Download and install Intel AppUp S/W from that link.
3) Open Intel AppUp and create a new account (old accounts are not eligible for this promotion). You will get notification in your browser that Angry birds is free to download.
4) Back in Intel AppUp, sign in with your new account and click My Apps. You will find Angry Birds waiting to be downloaded for free.

This offer will run for 15,000 downloads, or until the end of March, via the Intel AppUp PC App Store.