Free Purina One Beyond Pet Food

It’s about time we start getting more freebies for our pets. For now, however; you can request a free sample of Purina One beyOnd pet food. Not only is it nutritional, but the packaging is made of at least 92% renewable materials. As an added bonus, scrolling down the page offers useful tools such as a cat-litter selector, resources for adopting a pet, and fun games to play.

What type of food do you feed your pet? Do you pay attention to the ingredients or just by what ever is on sale?

Free Purina One Pet Food

Free Purina One Pet Food
I’m not a health nut and I do enjoy big slabs of steak, ribs, or a fully loaded cheeseburger with meat as thick as the width of my thumb or bigger but I also like to eat great tasting healthy food too. I see pets being the same way. Sure they love having table scraps or digging through the trash for a snack but they also enjoy having something like this free Purina One SmartBlend Pet Food. At least that’s what my girlfriend’s dog told me.

What? Like your pets don’t talk to you too.

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