Free 10 Month WSJ Newspaper Subscription

RewardsGold has offered a lot of quality subscriptions over the years but I think this free 10 month Wall Street Journal newspaper subscription is one of the best. To receive your subscription, just recommend 3 friends to RewardsGold (3 of your own email addresses work), fill out 3 surveys (be creative), and wait patiently for your first issue to arrive.

Bonus Deal: There’s no doubt the Wall Street Journal is packed with useful business information, the latest tech, and interesting news from around the world but taking all 60 pages with you to read is quite a pain. If you have a kindle enabled device, you can subscribe to the Wall Street Journal [1. Affiliate Link] for 71% off the cover price or buy each individual issue for 50% off.

Free Playboy & Maxim Subscriptions

Free Playboy & Maxim Subscriptions

The only time I look at magazines anymore is during those rare occurrences when I’m sitting in a bookstore. Sure the Kindle, Nook, & iPad have brought many magazines from print to the digital world but for the freeloader in me, subscriptions still cost way too much. Thankfully many publications are getting the hint and offering more of their content online and sometimes even handing out full yearly subscriptions for free.

To receive a free Playboy subscription or a free Maxim subscription just register at, fill in the short questionnaire, and recommend a friend. Your first issue will arrive in the mail in 6-8 weeks!